Fees and Applications

Sault North Planning Board

Fee Schedule (Approved April 10, 2012)


Official Plan Amendment $800 + Costs*
Zoning By-law Amendment $800 + Costs*

Certificate of Validation

$800 + $350/lot + Costs


Minor Variance $400 + Costs*
Letter of Conformity

Post Construction



Zoning Confirmation $50
Subdivision/Condominium $1,500 + $50/lot or unit + Costs*

Deferred Applications

If deferred by the Board No Cost
If deferred by the applicant and no new notice required (less than 6 months) $50
If deferred by the applicant and new notice is required (6 months or more) $400

Base Fee Covers: Mailing of Notices, Consultation, Staff Review and Report
*Costs include but are not limited to: Peer Review, Review of Special Studies, Public Notice, Signage, Newspaper Advertisement.  Requirements for these are at the sole discretion of the Board


Official Plan Amendment Application

Zoning By law Amendment Application

Consent Application Form

Minor Variance Application

Letter of Conformity Application

Subdivision/Condominium Application