Fees and Applications

Sault Ste. Marie North Planning Board

Fee Schedule (Approved January 12, 2022)



Official Plan Amendment $1200.00 + Costs*

Consultation Request

Zoning By-law Amendment

Deeming By-law

Up to $500

$800.00 + Costs




Certificate of Validation

$800.00 + $400.00 for additional lot if applicable + Costs



Minor Variance $400.00 + Costs

Letter of Conformity


Post Construction




Letter of Concurrence $75.00
Plan of Subdivision/Condominium $2000 + $50/lot or unit + Costs


Deferred Applications

If deferred by the Board No Cost
Deferred by the applicant with no new notice required (must be under 6 months from submission). Includes circumstances where applicant has not posted signage by notice deadline. $50.00
Deferred by the applicant with new notice required (must be under one year from submission). $400.00

Base Fee Covers: Mailing of notices and one public notice sign, staff review and report.

Potential Costs May Include: Third-party review of special studies, additional signage, newspaper advertisements, requirements at the sole discretion of the Board.

Application fees do not cover the cost of permits and studies required from other agencies. All planning applications are circulated to Algoma Public Health (APH): for more information on potential permit requirements from APH, please visit their website.

Located on Highway 17, 556, 552 or 563? Your application may need approval from the Ministry of Transportation and you should request a pre-consultation through their Highway Corridor Management Online Services portal.

*Official Plan Amendments will also be subject to a fee paid directly to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs of $4377. For more information about the process on the Ministry’s website here: https://www.ontario.ca/page/applying-changes-land-use. The 

Letters of Conformity applications must be submitted one (1) week before or earlier prior to the next Board meeting to be considered for the Agenda.

Application Forms:

Please note, all our forms are editable and can be digitally signed for submission. 

For best results, download the form and open in Adobe Acrobat for editing and signing digitally.

Official Plan Amendment Application

Consultation Request Form

Zoning By-law Application

Consent Application Form

Minor Variance Application

Letter of Conformity – Required for New Buildings & Development

Subdivision/Condominium Application

Deeming By-law Application

Landowner Authorization Form

Payment Options: Cash, Cheque / Money Order made out to the Sault North Planning Board, and Electronic-Funds Transfer (EFT). Payments made by EFT must be sent to billing@ssmnpb.ca. Unfortunately, we cannot accept credit/debit payments at this time.